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We at Emma Hill are very proud of our facility and the innovative products we make for our customers. With our professional staff we are always thinking of ways to improve our customers’ experiences by constantly improving our products.

MBNUSA News press release 10.06.17 on Emma Hill Mfg 

Nissan Recognized for Support of Minority Businesses (Emma Hill Mfg) 11.09.17


Quality Policy

Focus On Customer Satisfaction

The Quality Policy for Emma Hill Manufacturing LLC, LaGrange communicates a commitment to consider Customers’ needs and desires in the decision-making process.  Through experience in the automotive sector and communication with customers the basics to achieving customer satisfaction are very simple.  Customers expect:

  • Open Lines of Communication with Customers
  • The Development of good Supplier Quality Systems
  • The Delivery of the Correct Parts – On Time
  • The Manufacture of Good Parts
  • Continued Supplier Improvement
  • Ongoing effort to maintain Customer Satisfaction

Responsibility for the development and implementation of policies and procedures which reflect commitment to the Quality Policy is delegated to the members of the senior management staff.  The entire EHM team is directed to comply with the Quality Policy as well as the directives of the Quality Management System and its subordinate documents.

The Senior Management Team functions as the steering team to provide the necessary resources for the development, implementation, execution, maintenance, review and improvement of the Quality Management System to insure customer satisfaction, conformance to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 requirements, and accomplishment of objectives.


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